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Fitness and Fashion.

Haven’t been yourself mentally and physically since the pandemic struck? Fun exercise and access to worldwide shopping spree might just be the best medicine you need and why not? You earned it, we created a platform that makes it easy for you to do all that conveniently.

Our team awaits you in this journey with us as a proud Mauyrno tribe member, so make sure you subscribe right away. Let’s get to it shall we.


It doesn’t matter how long you are confined to the four walls of your house, if you take good care of your self, you will step out feeling good and strong. In Nigeria culture, many used to disregard the benefit of physical exercise and the advice on the importance of using quality products, but  that was then, not anymore. All you need now is the right information and the right partner ( Mauryno fit the right partner role).  Today we are going to share our highly recommended products and brands of which you can click their links and visit their shop to find unique, affordable and quality sport apparels that fit your needs.

Get your bank card ready, get motivated and trust us. Our personal shopping platform can transfer your orders from different online store into one order and one payment. To order contact us via our chat button and experience how convenient our shopping abroad works.


How to exercise this period.

Home/online Workouts.   

These days, there are several fitness trainers that create workout sessions all over the internet . All you have to do is make room spacious enough for you to move around then put on your sport clothes, turn on your TV/Computer/phone and follow the instructors moves! Easy right? You bet!  So how come many of us don’t do it? A little bird told us that we find it challenging to pick out a workout due to distractions from other interesting videos on your screen, the exercise feels a bit too intimidating or unachievable and not knowing  the right workout for us. Any of these ring a bell? Ofcourse it does one way or the other. Have you heard of PopSugar fitness, See, you better check them out because they are my favorite go to workout videos, they create video sessions that works for all and you can follow them for free on youtube. FREE GYM like i call it haha.














Good old “Jogging” 

Maybe TV workouts aren’t really your thing or you are going crazy staying at home, you can go jogging around your neighborhood or get a threadmill and start small. The more efforts you put in, the stronger and faster you become but make sure you put on the best apparels your money can buy while you are at it. The right shoes, sport devices and sporting cloths will not only make you feel good and motivated but will also enhance your performance and provide beneficial body support. Open and view the links below, i am sure you will find all you need from each of them. Found something you will like to order right away? follow our order process, add your products details to the form and submit your order.









Now that you have all that wrapped up, take a bottle of water and you are good to go. When you click the links to the products, send us an detail product information and we will pick it up from there. Our personal shopping service team will help you through the process.
















       See you soon, Kusjes.

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