Mauryno positions itself as a trade agent that breaches communication, trust and language barriers between business to business and business to customer on different ends of the globe, with major focus on brands and businesses in Europe andAfrica.

As your trusted trade agent, we provide you support in connecting to other brands and businesses, whose partnership are invaluable/beneficial to your business goals. We have undeniable experience and notable contacts in Africa and Europe, specifically in Nigeria and the Netherlands.

Mauryno is professionally fit to solve inevitable business & personal barriers like sourcing, communication, shipping, payment issues and finding innovative solutions for your business needs.


Our core skills include but are not limited to:

  • Fostering relationships between companies and businesses
  • Providing communication support
  • Sourcing raw materials/finished products that are necessary for sustainability
  • Personalized shopping services from various European brands
  • Shipping goods anywhere in the world using your choice of delivery service


Our objective is to provide our clients with an “I am assured” experience when we are chosen to execute their projects. Our emphasis on clear communication and follow-through procedures ensures that client’s objectives are top priority in the planning and execution of all our processes.

We take pride in problem-solving and customer satisfaction. Our business processes are simple and time-based. This means that we provide straight forward, timely service.


Our vision is to connect businesses across the globe and foster beneficial relationships.


Our mission is to procure material and solutions to business, provide support and deliver reliable personalized shopping and shipping between Europe and Africa.


We offer premium quality and we provide access to finished goods, processed foods, raw materials, fashion items, home decor items, cosmetics, car spare parts, electronic gadgets, and other products and services from reputable brands